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0. If you need a 501c3 equivalent to hold the copyright, I run a charity
concentrating on facilitating large-scale screening programmes and intend
to use Mesos to handle multiple clusters on the same set of servers (, and would be happy to be that placeholder
and potentially fund further R&D
1. On the moving CI side I remember years ago adding an issue about OOM for
building it on a small AWS instance and it being closed as wontfix.
Hopefully time is spent on refactoring and modularity to get over this,
making moving to anyones CI viable
2. The Apache brand alone makes Mesos more attractive; so would hate to
lose it

Just my 2¢

Samuel Marks
Charity | consultancy | open-source | LinkedIn

On Fri, 9 Apr 2021, 5:02 am Andreas Peters, <> wrote:

> > Hopefully the other people who said they
> > were interested, like the guys from Criteo, Andreas, Javi, etc would
> > help too.
> I will and I'm sure the others too. I already try to help with the
> tickets in jira. Thanks to Benjamin Mahler who told me that it's ok if I
> do it.
> Andreas

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