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wrote: > Hi Rich,
> FWIW, I'm one of those people who said they were interested, and I
> still voted to move it to the attic (even though my vote is non
> binding as I'm not a committer).

That's great!  One of the questions I have for the project is: why
haven't they made you a committer yet?  (That's a question for the PMC,
not for you, really, but it's one I'm betting the Board would be curious
to hear about).

> However if that's really not possible, then I guess that leaves no
> other option: once the vote has passed, I guess I'll start a final
> thread to gather people who'd be interested to create a new project
> forked off master on github, so we can start from scratch with our own
> repository, bug tracker etc. I hope those people who said they're
> actually interested will be willing to take an active part.

Just to be clear as noted else-thread: the PMC vote is merely a
recommendation to move to the Attic.  Given the discussions here, my bet
is the board will defer the resolution, so don't give up yet.

For historical perspective, similar cases like this in the past have
resulted in the Board appointing an/some Apache Members to the PMC to
help provide mentoring, and to directly invite existing contributors to
be committers or join the PMC.  Then the Board would wait to see if the
new energy can revive the project again.  We try to avoid the Attic if
there seems like there's energy still here willing to try.

- Shane
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