Hi Shane,

>> FWIW, I'm one of those people who said they were interested, and I
>> still voted to move it to the attic (even though my vote is non
>> binding as I'm not a committer).
>That's great!  One of the questions I have for the project is: why
>haven't they made you a committer yet?  (That's a question for the PMC,
>not for you, really, but it's one I'm betting the Board would be curious
>to hear about).

I fear the problem is less that contributors haven't been voted in as
committers, but IMO that unfortunately the project has seen hardly any
contributions of bigger patches from the community in the last couple of
years, (I know we merged patches from Charles, but when some people
voiced interested here that's the first at least I heard of them). This
makes me pessimistic regarding a handover which medium term can improve
the situation.

I summarized some issues I saw in an earlier thread (yes, this discussion
has been going on since Feb 2021), and I think the issues were only if
at all marginally related to committership,



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