On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 3:55 PM, Marcus <marcus.m...@wtnet.de> wrote:
>> The bad things are:
> - we need a release manager for a 4.2.0 or 4.1.3 version.
> - we need hardware to get builds for Wndows, Linux and Mac.
> - we need a possibility to build on Mac (buildbot or an individual
>   machine)
> - we need people who can help with build problems on Windows and Mac
> - and we need new devs in general
OK, something I've never been clear on.  Does the ASF Infrastructure team
provide machines to build
on, or is it entirely up to us to get builds built "however"?  If the
former, is there something we need from them today that we don't have?  If
the latter, could this project acquire hardware and have it put in a colo
center or something, so
we have access to what we need?  Or can we rent time in a cloud environment

Sorry for all the uninformed questions, I've just been really out of the
loop for a while.  :-(

> And the best thing is:
> We have already enough food for a new release (many bugfixes, improved
> functions, new translations). We just need to bring this onto the road.
> Radical!  Well that's something to be cheerful about anyway.

> This fight you cannot win with words. You can convince the people only
> with doings. And in our standoff we need hard doings.  With a big porton of
> sarcasm. I'm sorry for that. But it's hard to come home from work, find my
> inbox exploded and read about a good friend who has left the project due to
> this b**hit which is going on at the moment. ;-(
> Understood.  No need to apologize for anything.


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