Am 09/02/2016 04:59 PM, schrieb Phillip Rhodes:
OK, counter-point to the other thread... let's talk specifically about what
needs to happen next, given that some (plenty|most|all|???) of us want this
project to
continue moving forward.

hm, I can only hope that it the *very* most of us. ;-)

What has to happen next?  What is the most important thing/things we could
working on?  What could I do *right now* to help move things in a positive

*In my eyes* it's pretty simple:

We need a new release to proof that we can survice as an Apache TLP.

The bad things are:
- we need a release manager for a 4.2.0 or 4.1.3 version.
- we need hardware to get builds for Wndows, Linux and Mac.
- we need a possibility to build on Mac (buildbot or an individual
- we need people who can help with build problems on Windows and Mac
- and we need new devs in general

But there are already good things:
- we have a few devs who can build on Linux
- we have a few devs who can work on Linux problems
- we have our buildbots in a more stable way compared with the past
  months (not at 100% but we are working on it)

And the best thing is:
We have already enough food for a new release (many bugfixes, improved functions, new translations). We just need to bring this onto the road.

How can we attract more developers?  How do we counter the FUD that is
already being promulgated in response to the "retirement" discussion?

You should answer to this FUD when:
- you want to fight against all bad things that where written.
- you want to give everyone an answer.
- you have too much time and don't know what to do.
- you want to go to hospital due to a mental disorder which will come
  quicker than you want.

You should *not* answer them when you want to get a different impression into the people's head.

This fight you cannot win with words. You can convince the people only with doings. And in our standoff we need hard doings.

With a big porton of sarcasm. I'm sorry for that. But it's hard to come home from work, find my inbox exploded and read about a good friend who has left the project due to this b**hit which is going on at the moment. ;-(


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