Bruce Byfield wrote:

On September 2, 2016 10:59:55 AM Phillip Rhodes wrote:
OK, counter-point to the other thread... let's talk specifically about
what needs to happen next, given that some (plenty|most|all|???) of us
want this project to
continue moving forward.

What has to happen next?  What is the most important thing/things we
could be
working on?  What could I do *right now* to help move things in a
positive direction?

How can we attract more developers?  How do we counter the FUD that is
already being promulgated in response to the "retirement" discussion?

If you excuse the comment from an outsider, I suggest the question you
need to answer is: What can Apache OpenOffice offer that related
projects like LibreOffice cannot?

That is not an important question: OpenOffice was never meant to be a replacement to LibreOffice, or Calligra for that purpose. This was
never a war between opensource suites.

The question is indeed what we want OpenOffice to be. Should it be a faithful, but free-er, replacement to (as it appears
to be right now) or do we want to evolve in a completely different
direction? And then if we are being asked to simply move faster to
no-where we can resist such invitation.

Yes, I know the answer may sound vague to an outsider but I am assuming
some people are really looking for when they download
Apache OpenOffice. They may not necessarily want a green thing with different GUI and different behavior.


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