At this time I am unsure what the Board wants from the project. They probably want to see more activity and may recur to artificial numbers like number of commits, number of active developers, or releases.

I very much doubt actions from the Board will solve anything, it's the PMC and the developers that do the effective changes in a project.

If we make a release in the following weeks we may take the Board from our backs and get time to work on the things that matter.

I have to say that thanks to the brave work of Damjan the project is a
LOT more sustainable than some months ago. We have a testsuite back and
the build environment has improved substantially. Also Don has been doing some important cleanups and updates.

Still the problems are:

- Developers: the issue is not actually the number of them but the know-how that AOO requires. The majority of the experienced developers
are either still at IBM but with a lot of unrelated work, or have
gravitated slowly to LibreOffice (as in paid to do so).

- A Win64 port: 80% of our users are Windows users.

- The code is just ugly .. really, and that is true for LibreOffice as well.

There are plans (rewrite a lot in Java, more use of APR), but we just
have to be realistic and understand that big changes in the codebase
are not going to happen soon. AOO 5.0 may take at least two years.


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