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> I would suggest that the question goes beyond marketing. It is about 
> purpose as well. What makes AOO worth spending time on, as opposed to 
> any other similar project?

It is the high quality and practical significance.

OK, at the moment there are some problems, _but the intervention of Apache also
shows that we are properly organized, we have a functioning quality management_.

The update cycles are possibly a little too long, but not much. The right update
cycle for commercial users, should be between 12-18 months are (necessary 
updates in addition)

> For that matter ask why people have NOT chosen AOO. 

Most people use AOO, LO is strong only on Linux. AOO to dominate under MS 
and there are >90% of all office users (AOO, LO, MS Office, etc.)

> But why, for example, is AOO 
> almost totally 
> unrepresented in ODF Authors, 

For the German community, I can say that we edit the German-language 
OO under the direction to the PrOOo box (www.prooo-box.org).
3 people working there permanently(!) at the german documentation, and currently
employs a total of 5 people at the german documentation.

You can see here our recent public email about documentation:

the PrOOo box is formally a third-party-Project, but the workers there are also
German community members of AOO.


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