On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 1:32 PM, Matthew Miller <mat...@fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 05:02:10PM +0100, Igor Gnatenko wrote:
>> It seems that a lot of people have %file, %check, %build, %whatsoever
>> in their changelog section.
>> Is there any reason I should not go and automatically escape them?
> This seems like a lot of churn. If we're going to do this, let's go big
> and get rid of RPM changelogs.
> When we have a package update, there are basically two different kinds
> of changelog information. Well, three.
> First, there's the upstream changelog. We don't generally do much with
> these except maybe package as %doc.
> Second, there's package maintainer changelogs. These are really
> redundant with the dist-git log. We don't really need this anymore.
> It's just a chore.
> Third, though, there's end-user information. Why should a user care
> *This* is redundant with bodhi update info, at least if packagers fill
> that out, and it often also duplicates upstream changelogs, *and* it
> often also covers things like "fixes CVE-####' also carried the
> specfile changelog.
> This is neither most helpful for user *nor* ideal for packages. Why
> don't we drop changelogs entirely in favor of 1) using the dist-git
> logs for specfile maintainers and 2) providing the end-user information
> in a different way. This could be through specially formatted log lines
> going with the commit, or it could be simply in a standard separate
> file (`fedora.user-visible-changes`). Optionally, it could include both
> a high level end-user summary, and a detailed description for sysadmins
> and the curious.
> Wherever it lives, this would be read by Bodhi, so there's
> would be need to enter it more than once. And, perhaps a DNF plugin
> could be made to read and display this information for systems
> administrators.

I fully support the removal of RPM changelogs.  However, you've missed
two cases:

1) Rawhide, which doesn't go through bodhi
2) Fedora release upgrades, which don't go through bodhi

Now, I would actually LOVE for Rawhide to go through bodhi but
whatever.  The release -> release upgrade isn't really solvable that
way though.

Someone else suggested changelogs could be inserted during koji build
time.  That would be interesting to look into.

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