Neal Gompa wrote:
> Mageia, OpenMandriva, and PLD all generate their changelogs from the
> source control system.
> SUSE uses the Open Build Service VCS export to changes files which are
> converted into changelog entries at package build time.

All these distros have in common that their changelogs are A LOT less 
readable than ours.

> But yeah, Fedora is once again a laggard. This seems to be a recurring
> trend, and one I'm not particularly pleased about.

Autogenerating RPM changelogs from the SCM has been proposed over and over 
again multiple times. It was always shot down because it just doesn't work. 
Not adopting some particular bad idea does not make us laggards. Can we 
please stop beating this dead horse again and again?

        Kevin Kofler
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