On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 9:22 AM, Panu Matilainen <pmati...@redhat.com> wrote:
> Koji, or fedpkg, or better yet some hook in rpm itself. It's not exactly
> rocket science we're talking about here if people are ready to give it a go.
> Neal, doesn't Mageia (and Mandriva) pull package changelogs from SCM
> already? Do you know what kind of hook they're using? Actually I think Suse
> does this too so Fedora is probably again the last one to adopt this...

Mageia, OpenMandriva, and PLD all generate their changelogs from the
source control system.

Mageia does it with SVN, while OpenMandriva and PLD do it from Git.

Mageia's build system calls "mgarepo rpmlog <pkgname>" and appends it
to the spec file just before starting the package build. mgarepo has a
number of rules for excluding messages from generated changelog
entries, which is how they don't look extremely awful.

OpenMandriva's build system (ABF) does something similar, though it's
been switched off for a while due to it being somewhat slow (they
don't have a lot of build system resources anymore). I'm not aware of
the exact process used by PLD, but they do something similar.

SUSE uses the Open Build Service VCS export to changes files which are
converted into changelog entries at package build time. The changes
files are managed independently, so the function more or less like how
ours does, but some packages also dynamically generate changes entries
based on source VCS information (some openSUSE developed packages have
changes generated from upstream project Git information, for example).

When using a VCS for generating changelogs, you need to enforce some
rules for how to omit or include entries.

In our case, we'd probably want a rule that would make such a thing
actually include the commit message and omit them otherwise, since
unlike the other distributions, we can't rewrite our commit messages
(because Koji builds are tightly associated with commit messages). SVN
disassociates revision from revision message, and OMV and PLD let you
rewrite commits freely. We'd also need a way to "correct" generated
entries when they have errors in them.

But yeah, Fedora is once again a laggard. This seems to be a recurring
trend, and one I'm not particularly pleased about.

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