Ian Clarke <> writes:
> On Saturday, February 25, 2017 08:23:00 PM Freenet wrote:
>> What is stopping the funding from DuckDuckGo (received over a year ago)
>> from being disbursed?

> Finding someone qualified to hire.

To get that going, we only need your comment whether we can follow-up on
it when we write job openings or bounties for the two tasks described

I cut the explanations from there for the following short descriptions. 
Can we put up offers for these, using the cost estimates as payment?

(1) Title: *Darknet invitation bundles*
    Description: Adding a single use node reference to an installer
      executable. People could hand out the installer executable to
      their friends to allow them to connect by Darknet instantly. See      
        (an overview of the requirements and options for invites) and
        ("create a bundle installer")
    Success-condition: A pull-request is accepted which adds a
      single-click option in the web interface which creates a bundle
      with installers for Windows, MacOS and *nix. These installers must
      be preconfigured to automatically connect via darknet to the node
      on which the bundle was created.
      This will require single-use connection-tokens with which only the
      first person who uses the installer can connect to the node which
      created the installer.
    Estimated cost: 3 to 3.525 weeks (~ $3000 to $3525)

(2) Title: *Fix the installers*
    Description: Fix windows installers first, then add packages for
      linux. See
      - and
      - and
      - and
        linked issues.
    Success-condition: Pull-requests are accepted which identify
      problems in the windows-installer and resolve them. This includes
      porting the wrapper to a 64bit JVM.
    Estimated cost: 0.5 to 2 weeks (~ $500 to $2000)

The main breakage in the windows installers are 64 bit Java and the
wrapper. Therefore the requirement here would be "Freenet installs and
runs cleanly with 64 bit and 32 bit Java on Windows while using the

This will likely require finishing and releasing the work on compiling
the wrapper for Windows 64bit. Providing separate installers for 32bit
and for 64bit could be acceptable.

Linux packages require additional maintenance for which we might not
have the resources at the moment. Since java-based installers for Linux
work, packages need not be part of the task.

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