On Thursday, 15 May 2014 at 05:01:14 UTC, Manu via Digitalmars-d-announce wrote:
I tried to gather support for a community game project (FeedBack). Lots of interest, but nobody actually joined the party when I kicked
it off.

On 15 May 2014 05:04, Andrej Mitrovic via Digitalmars-d-announce
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I am starting an initiative for everyone interested in D game
development by creating the github organization d-gamedev-team[1].

The first project hosted here is the the freshly created
opengl-tutorials[2] project. This is a long-term project that aims to collect as many modern OpenGL examples ported to D or even provide new examples created from scratch in D. All the examples should be easy to build, provided you have a fresh D compiler and a recent version of
the dub[3] dependency manager / builder tool.

Currently the project contains an almost-complete port of the samples contained on the website opengl-tutorial.org[4] - which cover OpenGL v3.3x and were created by Sam Hocevar. The D examples are not straight ports, they have been D-ified and may contain more features than their original counterparts. They also use 3rd-party D OpenGL wrappers to
avoid a lot of scaffolding work typical of OpenGL applications.

Thanks to dub[3] you won't have to manually install the D
dependencies. However you may have to install some C/C++ 3rd-party library dependencies, such as GLFW, SDL2, SDL2 Image, and potentially
other libraries depending on the ones the samples require. The
dependencies are documented in the project's readme[5].

Additional OpenGL example ports are planned and some are already in
progress but have not yet been pushed upstream. See the
opengl-tutorials[2] github repo for a list of ports which are in
progress and a list of desired ports.

If you wish to contribute with your own ports or with brand new D OpenGL examples don't hesitate to make a pull request. I want the d-gamedev-team organization to gradually grow and have it host as many useful projects, whether it be libraries, tools, tutorials, tips &
tricks, assets, or anything else related to D game development.

I am strongly interested in game development in D, and although I'm at a starting stage I'm very much committed to working on this project to the best of my abilities. Hopefully in a few years we'll see some major titles made entirely in D. But before that can happen we have to
make a collective push to bring D to a higher stage where it's
acceptable and viable to game developers, whether it be through
language support (@nogc/allocators) or library and tooling support.

We'll see where this goes, but I'm very excited for the future! Cheers. :o)

[1] : https://github.com/d-gamedev-team
[2] : https://github.com/d-gamedev-team/opengl-tutorials
[3] : http://code.dlang.org/download
[4] : http://opengl-tutorial.org/
[5] : https://github.com/d-gamedev-team/opengl-tutorials/tree/master/ports/opengl-tutorial.org

same with DirectX, more than half year passed since i published it and i only get single commit and one known user. nice, good and active community. i wish to say "good luck with ur linuxez guyz i'm done here", but i always returns to see whats new, still hoping it's temporally...

p.s. i admit that linux could give us some traction to have public approval, but it doesn't mean that there is only linux...

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