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> same with DirectX, more than half year passed since i published
> it and i only get single commit and one known user. nice, good
> and active community. i wish to say "good luck with ur linuxez
> guyz i'm done here", but i always returns to see whats new, still
> hoping it's temporally...

I'm not a linux guy, but I find DirectX to be hugely verbose, and then
there's the whole platform-dependency issue. Still, DirectX is hugely
important to game developers (not to mention things like D3D having
much better device drivers), so your project will likely be
appreciated in the future. I think it's just that there are very few
game developers around that use D right now. Things will change for

Probably with a good D wrapper coding in DirectX could be fun,
especially since the API is apparently stateless.

Btw, I think Adam Wilson mentioned that your bindings are slightly out
of date. He apparently hosts newer bindings here:

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