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I tried to gather support for a community game project (FeedBack).
Lots of interest, but nobody actually joined the party when I kicked
it off.

Yeah I was one of those people who wanted to work on it. Unfortunately
was while I was working on DOOGLE and pre aurora commencing. That to me
really killed my enthusiasm.

Personally I'm waiting for aurora before starting up on the GUI front.

What's doogle and aurora? And why did that kill enthusiasm?

DOOGLE[0] was my attempt at a gui toolkit. And aurora is this[1].
I would have replied earlier but it appears that there has been enough
changes with dub and dmd that it just won't. But I managed to grab an old
build and here is its output [2].
Not really that nice but hey, was my go at it.

I was building it as pretty much the all in one toolbox for D and OpenGL and
with Aurora getting more support, the issues I was having continuing just
kinda was the last straw.
And anyways I'm better at web development then game dev. Never really
understood the 3d pipeline.

Those aurora repos appear to be empty :/
Is aurora intended to be a GUI toolkit?
Only DirectX has code so far from what I've heard and seen.

I still think there's huge need for a realtime gfx environment GUI toolkit.
I'm completely on board with that, but I really don't have the skills for it. But hey we also need a web service framework aimed at enterprise in D and that's my target work now days.

But if I were you, I wouldn't be marrying it to any particular gfx
API. Just make sure to structure the API to allow backends (like
OpenGL) to be plugged in.
It was designed to be completely independent of any 3d api. In theory you could have a different implementation of controls to a window.
But I never bothered going there considering.
In fact I had plans to make it like GWT does as another backend and hooking it up to Vibe.

[0] https://github.com/rikkimax/DOOGLE
[1] https://github.com/auroragraphics

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