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> On 5/15/14, Manu via Digitalmars-d-announce
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>> I tried to gather support for a community game project (FeedBack).
>> Lots of interest, but nobody actually joined the party when I kicked
>> it off.
> Sorry, but I was put off by the terrible performance. 30 FPS with
> regular frame drops to sub-10 FPS is unacceptable for something that
> displays half a dozen animated objects. It left a really bad
> impression on me, especially considering you always complain on the
> forums about "other devs" writing bad-performant code and them being
> unaware of it.

Huh? Umm... I haven't done any work on rendering or performance.
It's 100% prototype rendering code. It's rendering a crap load of
procedural meshes generated on the spot each frame, and not even
cacheing the text.

What's there is a proof of concept. I just wanted to get a framework,
and get something running and playable, so that other people could
join in and hack on it with me.
I was worried about synch and gameplay, ie, making it load and play
songs, play them in time, receive controller events in time, read MIDI
properly, match input events against notes in the songs, keep score,
handle various input and output latencies. There's actually a fair bit
of work in there.

You never mentioned that you were deterred by performance, I can go
and make it run at a thousand fps if you like :)
I just didn't consider it a pressing or particularly relevant issue,
since there's not a single piece of artwork or UI in there anyway. Any
rendering code I write will almost certainly be replaced.
I think there's all comments in there saying "// HACK: horrible
rendering code!", and that it will be replaced... :/

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