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> On 5/15/14, Manu via Digitalmars-d-announce
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>> You never mentioned that you were deterred by performance, I can go
>> and make it run at a thousand fps if you like :)
> Bah I feel terrible for even saying what I said. I tested it on a
> 9600GT (yeah it's old, but UT3 worked fine on it, so.. :) ).
> But I own a Radeon R7 250 now and it's running at a solid 60FPS, no
> framedrops at all. And it's actually displaying some graphics that
> weren't there before. I think I may just have had some buggy drivers
> on my old GPU. It's running beautifully, playing the Bohemian
> Rhapsody.
> So, apologies for that rant. Maybe I'll add some silly graphics in a
> pull request and you won't say nobody contributed! Stay tuned. :)

Okay... well, I'm sure it does perform terrible anyway, I've done
literally no work on rendering. It's just hacky 2 minute throw-away
rendering code to display something on the screen.

Out of curiosity, are you running Linux or Windows? I barely test the
linux build (I just got it to work), so I can't really comment on it's
performance. If a linux user would like to hit it with a profiler and
see if I've done anything stupid in the linux code, that'd be useful.
The linux build also needs better input and midi code to be properly

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