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In Visual-D you can even press F12 (go to definition) on an extern(C)
symbol in your D code, and it will jump to the .cpp file where it's

That's quite nice.

And what exactly "seamlessly" means here, what is offered in
Mono-D that couldn't be done in DDT?

Automatic linking between sibling libs within a solution, referencing
of symbols between the languages/projects, automatic rebuild
dependencies between sibling projects.
I'm sure it could all be done in DDT. I'm just saying that as an
end-user I would expect that level of interoperation with CDT and no
I haven't tested those things, they may already work.

Just FYI:
"referencing of symbols between the languages/projects" definitely doesn't work at all. The rest, "Automatic linking between sibling libs within a solution", " automatic rebuild dependencies between sibling projects", etc., that won't work out of the box, but can be made to work if you go configure Eclipse options, and build system configuration. Requires some work, it won't be seamless.

I'm gonna me straight up with you about DDT: With work, probably a lot could could be achieved in terms of CDT C/C++ integration. But, personally, I became interested in the D world to completely escape the C/C++ one. I don't use C/C++ professionally or on a hobby basis. That means doing CDT integration (other than trivial stuff) is low priority for me - even though I fully agree that better D and C/C++ toolchain integration is very important for D's success, if not vital. And "low priority", given all the stuff I have planned in the DDT (&siblings) roadmap, effectively means: "not gonna get done". Unless someone else wants to work on that (that would be welcome of course).

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