On Tuesday, 5 January 2016 at 18:09:57 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
Again this goes back to Adam.

It occurs to me, looking at the status quo, that a single point of failure is more robust than several points of failure in series.

/library/ depends on the dlang.org, Phobos, and ddox.

dlang.org depends on.... nobody really knows who owns it, but it seems to be you.

Phobos depends on a few different people, making it the most reliable in the group, but it is still practically coupled to dmd.

ddox depends on Sonke and dmd (practically).

dmd depends on Walter.

Any any person in that component drops the ball, the /library/ code gets stalled. The fix might get into ddox but not on the website. It might depend on something in Phobos. It might need dmd's output to change.

With my system, it is all under my control. As supreme god-emperor of my domain, my server, my phobos fork, my generator, my parser fork, and my work process, yes, you'd be in a bit of trouble if I went away (though pretty soon you'll just be able to fork it yourselves in that event).

But at least I'm never blocked by someone else's problems.

Let's say we had a contributor Eve who'd gladly take emailed questions and suggestions and integrate them. Would that be as nice?

Poor Eve, on the other hand, would be often blocked by somebody else outside her control.

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