1. Why your company uses  D?
I can use D only for very small apps in my job.

My own project use D because it was the best language what I found when I started developing OS from scratch 5 years ago.

2. Does your company uses C/C++, Java, Scala, Go, Rust?
We use C/C++, Java

3. If yes, what the reasons to do not use D instead?
Replacement as C++:
There is problem to find and hire C++ programmers so how could we find D programmers...

Nobody here wants to learn new programming language...
Many of ours projects/libraries are already written in C/C++.

Replacement as Java:
Making GUI apps in D (with Qt) is pain in the a$$. We need good IDE, Drag'n'Drop GUI builder and framework with stuff like in Java or .NET first.

2. Have you use one of the following Mir projects in production:

4. Have you use one of the following Tamedia projects in your production:

5. What D misses to be commercially successful languages?
Native GUI
IDE with D'n'D interface builder
Framework with all stuff in (like .NET)
Maybe more understandable documentation with more examples.

More syntactic sugar in D? Like maybe monad, tuples, etc.

6. Why many topnotch system projects use C programming language nowadays?
Small and fast programs with no runtime.

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