On Wednesday, 8 February 2017 at 18:27:57 UTC, Ilya Yaroshenko wrote:
2. Have you use one of the following Mir projects in production:

  a. https://github.com/libmir/mir
  b. https://github.com/libmir/mir-algorithm
  c. https://github.com/libmir/mir-cpuid
  d. https://github.com/libmir/mir-random
  e. https://github.com/libmir/dcv - D Computer Vision Library
  f. std.experimental.ndslice

I wasn't going to comment, since I'm not part of the target group, but I have enough familiarity with commercial usage to give you an answer to this question.

Why would someone in an "enterprise" situation want to use Mir? If you create a nice R package to make Mir functionality available to Rcpp users, and you provide new functionality not currently available in other R packages (with good performance to boot), you will see commercial usage. But it has to be a package they can install from CRAN/Github/Bitbucket using the R package manager. They're not going to mess around with Dub.

The same is true for Matlab/Octave/Python. Make extensions that others can use within their current workflow, and they will use it. Leave it as a Dub package and they won't touch it. You've done a lot of good work, but it's kind of a dead end to target the standalone D program market right now.

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