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> On Wednesday, 8 February 2017 at 18:27:57 UTC, Ilya Yaroshenko 
> wrote:
> > 1. Why your company uses  D?  
> We don't use D.
> > 2. Does your company uses C/C++, Java, Scala, Go, Rust?  
> C/C++.  Currently exploring Rust.
> > 3. If yes, what the reasons to do not use D instead?  
> * The powers that be in my company are the kind of C programmers 
> that can't understand why anyone would want to use C++ (i.e. 
> Electrical engineers that write software).

I always felt like C is the better designed language when compared to
C++. Of course C misses many features of C++ and C also has some
badly designed features (preprocessor, header/include system, function
pointer syntax, array [n] not attached to the type but to the variable
identifier). But among some useful features C++ also adds much more
noise on top of the already existing C misfeatures: ugly template
syntax, iostreams/pipe syntax, operator overloading for controversial
operators, c++ namespaces, multiple inheritance, ...

Of course C has limited means for abstraction and therefore is not
suitable for certain projects. But the language feels 'cleaner' imho,
C++ sources files using templates and similar features are often hard to

But OTOH I'm an electrical engineer as well ;-)

-- Johannes

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