OC Ron,
You finaly comme on mine.
This is something I been writing allmost 8 months a go, (I think subject like 
KH8ZM or so).
Then everyone go against me, but now  repeating mine questions, posible answers 

I think its about the time that DXAC members must seat-down and clear up the 
DXCC (delete OR add entities) for quite 
long period, OR the mess will continue?!?!?!

CU in the Z7 & Z9 pile-up's :)
All the best & Have nice day!
Stay Tuned & GL on SIX !!!
73  GL&DX!!!    de: Mome - Z32ZM

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> Well, here's the thing:
> Many won't survive.  BS7H certainly wouldn't.  What about Scotland, Wales,
> and the rest of the non-England parts of the UK?  Desecheo?  Navassa?
> Sable?  Ducie?
> What about the "special" cases:  The Spratley's?  Do you keep the UN Hq?  If
> so, what about the Council of Europe HQ?  The Vatican?  SMOM?  ITU Hq?  How
> about the UN Vienna?

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