At 06:59 AM 05/10/2007, Bernie McClenny, W3UR wrote:
Back to the one and only way to remove a current counter from the DXCC list.
The only way is if the said entity no longer meets the criteria in which put
it on the list to begin with.  Rules that are made up afterwards do not
affect its status.  Remember BS7H was added to the list back in the mid 90s.
Then afterwards in an effort to not have any others added to the list like
Scarborough Reef the "100 meter high tide" rule was added.  Believe me you
don't want to remove anything off the DXCC list, unless it does not meet the

I don't think there's a solution to this that will please everybody. I'd personally like to see the rules overhauled completely at some point down the road, but how that could be accomplished I really don't know. I'm not in favour of creating new ones by rule changes, nor deleting/removing old ones by fiat either, but the mish-mash that exists now is somewhat bizarre and could use a revamp at some point.

I'm definitely not in favour of mollycoddling DXers and DXpeditioners by removing tough- or dangerous-to-activate entities just because they're tough or dangerous to activate. Free will is truly a wonderful concept.



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