Sorry about this late contribution to this thread. I just stumbled on the RTF/ODF scan tool for Zotero at[1], which seems to do something similar to the ideas ventilated in this thread. Since Zotero compatibility is high on the list of desirables mentioned here, I thought it might be an interisting point of reference.

This page also mentions that Zotero can be told to provide a "scannable Cite" as output format, which works with things like
|{See | Smith, (2012) |p. 45 | for an example |zu:2433:WQVBH98K}

which the format engine than turns into
(See Smith, 2012, p. 45 for an example)

I wonder if it would be worthwhile if the citation handling in Org would become compatible with this approach?

Christian W.


On 2013-05-26 23:23, Darlan Cavalcante Moreira wrote:
I prefer the [cite:citekey] syntax similar to [fn:number] for footnotes.

But no matter which syntax is chosen I think we can easily make reftex work
with it. All we need is to set the variable reftex-cite-format [1] to a
string with the desired format. For the syntax [cite:citekey] the string
would be "[cite:%l]".

[1] We probably need to make that a local variable in org-mode buffers so
     that the global value is kept on default for latex buffers.


At Thu, 23 May 2013 10:05:37 +0200,
Christian Moe wrote:

Matt Price writes:
On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 5:02 AM, Christian Moe <> wrote:
I have a rough, working example of this enabling Zotero cites for ODT
export (attached).
Hi Christian,

I'm really interested in this, as I use Zotero not only for writing
but for group bibliographies in my  courses.  The broader conversation
about the appropriate syntax is a bit beyond me,
Hi, Matt,

As the org-zotero-export.el shows, getting Zotero references from Org
into ODT is pretty simple. That framework could be implemented whatever
syntax we end up with to take care of the details. I'm interested in
feedback on the syntax, though -- that is, on the way I'm using the
description part of the link to convey various bits of information to
Zotero. Is it worth pursuing, or would people prefer other ways of
doing it? If worth pursuing, could it be improved?

(1) How do you get the Zotero cite keys right now, and what method do
you think would ultimately be the best to try for?
The best to try for: Something with as brilliant an interface as RefTex...

Since this thread is on citation syntax, I think I'll gather my thoughts
about how to get there (zotero-plain? Zotero Server API? sqlite? word
processor plugin emulation?), and about your other questions, and start
another Zotero-related thread in a day or two.

Right now: I'm still depending on Quick Copy with a custom Zotero
translator. That is, I tab from Emacs to Firefox, look up a reference in
the Zotero pane, and Quick Copy (C-S-c) to a formatted link to the
clipboard. Tab back to Emacs, yank the link, manually tweak the
description as necessary. RefTex it ain't, and it's cumbersome for
multiple citations, but it works.


Christian Wittern, Kyoto

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