Darlan Cavalcante Moreira writes:

> I prefer the [cite:citekey] syntax similar to [fn:number] for footnotes.
> But no matter which syntax is chosen I think we can easily make reftex work
> with it. All we need is to set the variable reftex-cite-format [1] to a
> string with the desired format. For the syntax [cite:citekey] the string
> would be "[cite:%l]".

Yes, for bibtex. But to clarify, Matt Price and I got on the subject of
using Zotero as both the source database and the reference-formatting
engine for exported documents, with Org in the middle.

Reftex can be used for that as well, e.g. by synching the Zotero db to a
bibtex file with Zotero db keys as citekeys. There are other options,
with different pros and cons. (And I'll start a thread on that soon as
my day job stops interfering with my night life again.)


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