I prefer the [cite:citekey] syntax similar to [fn:number] for footnotes.

But no matter which syntax is chosen I think we can easily make reftex work
with it. All we need is to set the variable reftex-cite-format [1] to a
string with the desired format. For the syntax [cite:citekey] the string
would be "[cite:%l]".

[1] We probably need to make that a local variable in org-mode buffers so
    that the global value is kept on default for latex buffers.


At Thu, 23 May 2013 10:05:37 +0200,
Christian Moe wrote:
> Matt Price writes:
> > On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 5:02 AM, Christian Moe <m...@christianmoe.com> 
> > wrote:
> >>
> >> I have a rough, working example of this enabling Zotero cites for ODT
> >> export (attached).
> > Hi Christian,
> >
> > I'm really interested in this, as I use Zotero not only for writing
> > but for group bibliographies in my  courses.  The broader conversation
> > about the appropriate syntax is a bit beyond me,
> Hi, Matt,
> As the org-zotero-export.el shows, getting Zotero references from Org
> into ODT is pretty simple. That framework could be implemented whatever
> syntax we end up with to take care of the details. I'm interested in
> feedback on the syntax, though -- that is, on the way I'm using the
> description part of the link to convey various bits of information to
> Zotero. Is it worth pursuing, or would people prefer other ways of
> doing it? If worth pursuing, could it be improved?
> > (1) How do you get the Zotero cite keys right now, and what method do
> > you think would ultimately be the best to try for?
> The best to try for: Something with as brilliant an interface as RefTex...
> Since this thread is on citation syntax, I think I'll gather my thoughts
> about how to get there (zotero-plain? Zotero Server API? sqlite? word
> processor plugin emulation?), and about your other questions, and start
> another Zotero-related thread in a day or two.
> Right now: I'm still depending on Quick Copy with a custom Zotero
> translator. That is, I tab from Emacs to Firefox, look up a reference in
> the Zotero pane, and Quick Copy (C-S-c) to a formatted link to the
> clipboard. Tab back to Emacs, yank the link, manually tweak the
> description as necessary. RefTex it ain't, and it's cumbersome for
> multiple citations, but it works.
> Yours,
> Christian

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