Gene wrote:

>The ball end wouldn't be the tool for the job as the bottom of the gullet has 
>sharp corners except for the OEM belt of a 7x12. And there >are 2 common face 
>angles in >use and I've not the memory to quote whether its 14.5 degrees or 20 
>degrees for the face angle per belt tooth style.

>Bigger than xl is probaqbly 20 degrees but that leads to belt hopping if not 
>tighter than a drum so I'd assume its 14.5 on the xl as they will rip the 
>teeth off the backing >before they'll hop a tooth, assuming the shaft centers 
>can't flex.

Absolutely no experience with timing pulleys here :-), and of course from that 
perspective it's always "how hard can it be?"

No cnc abuse in this video just a lot of old British iron, but where do you get 
the tooth profiles from? "You can see the belt manufactures details or get the 
profile for the cutter by curving the belt to the required diameter.?" (from 
the comments below the video)

This fellow just drilled some holes, but since he glibly points out that in his 
case it was pure math to decide drill size and spacing, it *must* be OK.

I posted this without a thought to the serious matter at hand, and just hope it 
brightens up your day.



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