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> Ethernet patch cable might work. .....  Don't try and make you own.    The 
> pre-made ones come in any
> length from about 12" to 25 feet and they have those over molded train
You're absolutely right about buying cables---the cost is so low that
it doesn't make sense. The patch cords actually get down to few inches
(3-4"), which is great for local cabling in tight spaces.

>The common kind of RF45 termination tools work only with the
> solid in-wall kind of wire so don't use them.

Actually, it's not the termination tools, but the terminals and plugs
themselves---they are still insulation-displacing crimps, but the
shape of the spades is different. In the beginning of the computer era
we used to make our own cables and used the same tools with different
plugs---it was a PITA because they looked the same (translucent
plastic). Unless you opened a new marked box, we used to inspect the
connector and it wasn't easy---you had to squint at the shape of the
tiny gold-plated terminals through wavy plastic.

If you used the wrong type for your wire, you'd get a broken wire
touching the terminal by a tension in the plastic insulation: it might
work for a little bit, but eventually the lack  of gas-tight
metal-metal connection would cause it to fail.

I'm saying this because someone might actually make a patch cable in a
pinch, and that's what you have to pay attention to.

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