On 17.10.16 10:45, Chris Albertson wrote:
> As for oil resistance, Buy the "plenum" type.  They use teflon insolation
> and don't cost that much more.    These are sold because of fire codes in
> some kinds of buildings, they don't create toxic smoke in a fire.

Silicone insulation, perhaps? After all, teflon releases hydrofluoric
acid at high temperatures - definitely toxic. Silicone resists heat well
too, and burns to sand, which can even maintain the insulation if contained
and immobile. Silicone is soft and rubbery, while teflon is harder and
stiffer, and a genuine PITA to strip, I found. 

When we needed some silicone insulated wire for automotive┬╣ use here in
Australia 38 years ago, we had to have it made to order. ISTR the teflon
was a good deal more expensive, as well as a pain.


┬╣ Ford XD Falcon's LED digital clock.

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