On 04/09/2018 11:37 PM, Erik Christiansen wrote:
On 09.04.18 08:19, Mark wrote:

Got a linky to that rar file?
Yup, it's in the FAQ off Lawrence's original link, i.e.:


"DRU for 2-layer board" under "3. Design rules" / "Eagle" doesn't come
up as its own link, so it would be a case of clicking there, I guess.

But Heinz Reimer was kind enough to send me both the dru and cam files
off-list, so I'm cooking. The dru passed first off here, so it's not
checking for anything more stringent than the default dru on my old
version 7.5.0 Eagle. The cam also ran without a hiccup, generating the
expected 10 files.

I'll attach the files which Heinz sent, so none of us have to struggle with
the M$ .rar archive.


Huh.  Just downloaded the .rar fil from seeed and ran 'unrar e' on the file and it "unarchived" just fine. Version 1:5.3.2-1 of unrar on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.


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