On Monday 15 April 2019 01:15:21 Roland Jollivet wrote:

> > Somebody might want to write this down FFR re the YL620-A vfd's,
> > I've found the means to make LCNC's s command set the speed, see
> > page 20, P07.08 thru P07.15.  I set all of those 8 registers up from
> > 2 to 3. Probably only one is needed, but I played CMA and set them
> > all to 3, and the front panel knob is dead but s12000m3 fires it
> > right up.  But it still has no low speed current boost, slowly
> > coasting to a stop at 63 hz output. Its also quite unstable at
> > speeds below about 6000 revs, obviously hunting badly.
> >
> > P00.12 is zero, has a range to 4, and has a label "VF Curve
> > Setting", I'd assume 0 is off. P00.00 is supposed to be mains
> > frequency, defaults to 400 on error, and is an error if set below
> > 150. Ack the booklet, factory is 50.00 but a full reset puts it back
> > to 400. ???
> >
> > Hi Gene
> Preamble, I haven't read this thread in it's entirety, but, have you
> searched long and hard for a manual?
> I think your time would be better spent searching for deciphering
> already done by others, since there must thousands of these devices
> running
It came with a manual, about 32 pages in English but the English is 
obviously very fuzzy. Much meaning is lost in the translation. One 
fellow on youtube says he ordered a Haun Yang and got the YL620-A which 
is the same thing, but they aren't by a heck of a long row of apple 

But I didn't specifically order a Haun Yang. I did have one ordered thru 
Amazon, but amazon got me PO'd because although I had registered a new 
card number, there was not a way to disable the old one on that page, so 
they declined the prime payment because they tried to use the old, 
stopped card number, but it took them 4 days to tell me. By then since 
it hadn't arrived, I'd went looking on fleabay and found this poor clone 
for 5 bucks less with shipping, so I canceled the amazon order since 
this clone got here a week faster than amazon would have w/o the prime.

You all know me well enough by now that amazon got a call from a rather 
PO'd customer over that. Amazon has left a bad taste in my mouth 
everytime I've tried to deal with them, and my history dates back 5+ 
years.  They write checks with their advertising their ass can't cover 
and I've been sick of their take it or leave it attitude for years. I've 
paid for prime, which is an annual fee I guess, 2 or 3 times, and have 
actually made it work once.  That dual mister kit? Didn't qualify, took 
8 weeks to get here. And IMNSHO they are junk. Far more air leaks out of 
the joints than makes it out the nozzles.

> https://reps.cc/?p=113

This fellow has I presume given up as he's not made a new video 
describing his success, so I expect he's muddling along like I am.

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpN3VO5IHjA
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLUKqaamavk
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