Greetings all;
> I hooked it up like I had the other, but when powered up it displays a
> 4 digit error code. Rapidly blinking. But the only error code table in
> the back of the booklet only shows 2 digit errors with the left
> digit=0.
That turn out to be its frequency display, non zero because the knob as 
at a random position.

I have now rearranged the hook up so that the GND is only used for 
spindle -.

There is only a small AC voltage, couple volts between the GND and XGRB 
terminals when powered up, but there is no DC continuity between them 
when powered off.  The open circuit voltage at the FWD and REV terminals 
is a fraction over 16 volts, which should not hurt the opto's on the 
7i76, as evidenced to their pulling down to .600 volts when enabled at 
the opto's outputs.

Spindle + is the vfd supplied 10 volts for the external pot supply, and 
Vin is the arm of the synthetic pot in the 7i76D.

XGRB, is I assume the ground bus for the FWD/REV terminals, which are the 
enable + with enable - connected to XGRB.  This is brought to .600 volts 
when LCNC is trying to run it FWD. The REVERSE - on the 7i76D is 
connected to XGRB, and it too is  pulled down to .600 volts if LCNC is 
trying to run it backwards.

Program register P00.01 is start/stop command source, with 0-4 as 
choices, 0 being the operator panel, and the run/stop works fine, with 
the knob taking it up to 24k revs at full song.

Set it to 1: From external end control Electric machinery, panel STOP key 
works. Except LCNC doesn't do a thing to it.

Set to 2: From external end son control Electric machinery, STOP key 
disabled.  No clue what "end son" means, but LCNC doesn't control it.

Set to 3: is rs485 control, untested.

Set to 4: By user application program control Electric machinery.  Sounds 
like just what LCNC needs. Doesn't work.
You can setup P00.16 so that a different set of contact closures run it 
at fixed points (I think)

set to 2: EF(X3), REV(X4), FWD(X5RUN). Three wire motor control operation

Except to make that work, you have to setup what happens for the X3,X4 
and X5 preprogrammed operations. Those are separate terminals on the 
control terminal strip.

I can't believe they'd make you jump thru the hoops of programming around 
30 more entries just so you can feed it an analog speed, FWD and REV 
commands.  Makes zero sense.

Ideas folks?  I seem to be fresh out. The other VFD I put on the Sheldon 
worked OOTB once the registers were set for external control.

Humm, on page 11, maybe I'm doing it wrong. I'll do a param upload to 
the "digital operator" first thing tomorrow. The way I'm reading it, 
anything I change must be uploaded from the operatot to the convertor, 
and I haven't been doing it.  You must press AND hold the STOP key and 
press the up arrow to query the convertor, and hold the STOP key while 
pressing the down arrow to send the update back to the convertor.

I wonder if there is an excedrin headache number for that because the 
convertor is going to need solidly bolted down, the STOP key takes about 
20 lbs to push AND hold it. So you have to hang onto it with one hand 
and I've only two of those. What a PITA this is going to be.  If indeed 
thats it...  Beer Thirty and I'm one behind.  Got about a third of one 
sitting here, warm leftovers from last night.  Yup, I'm a real alcoholic 
folks. ;-)

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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