On Saturday 13 April 2019 04:31:26 Lester Caine wrote:

> On 13/04/2019 01:51, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Ideas folks?  I seem to be fresh out. The other VFD I put on the
> > Sheldon worked OOTB once the registers were set for external
> > control.
> Gene ... I use the ACS150 inverter with a 3 phase motor on the Taig
> conversions. This is nice because it has the manual pots and toggling
> between local and remote has a button on the local panel so one can
> fire things up without using the CNC side. It has 5 'digital' inputs
> that can be configured for a list of different configurations of
> control, but all are activated by pulling up rather than shorting out.
> The thing that sticks out to me is your measuring 0.6V when activating
> the inputs ... I think I expect '0V' ... and 0.6V sounds like a diode
> somewhere. Before I actually hooked up to the breakout board I wired
> up a toggle switch for on/off and the key element here is on the
> ACS150 this is wired to the +24V supply from the inverter! You need a
> short between GND and DCOM in order for the +24V to activate an input
> ... so does your inverter have a +ve supply output other than the one
> you indicated for the pot, or is that output designated as only used
> by the pot?
According to the block diagram, the nomenclature is different. Here, the 
10 volts is only used for the pot.  It has 3 low voltage supplies, 10v 
for the pot, 13v measures about 14, and 16.5v for the external controls, 
made "true" by grounding that terminal.  The fwd/rev terminals are shown 
as pushbuttons to XGRB, which is apparently the common for a series of 
pushbuttons as there are x0 to x4 connections also, unused here.  This 
block diagram shows no connections between the pot GND and XGRB. All 
open terminals sit at about 16.5 volts.

The 7i76D has an isolated simulated pot, and a pair of opto-isolated 
outputs labeled enable + and -, and direction + and -, and the .6 volts 
is the drop across the +- terminals when that output is enabled. That .6 
volts is plenty to activate similar circuitry in the G0704.  That puts a 
16 volt "go" signal into the vfd. This vfd does not have a RUN terminal, 
only FWD and REV. So the FWD is used as the RUN/STOP, and REV is the 
direction, supposedly.  Thats the logic in my hal file, fwd stays true 
when rev is also asserted. Its also been tried one at a time.

> https://medw.co.uk/storage/attachments/62/1062/ACS150usermanual.pdf

That is an obviously more complex and probably more costly drive than 
this one is as this one was $118 handed to me by the mailman.
Hookup is considerably different too.

What I think I have failed to understand is that the control panel has 
its own registers, and changing them does not update the drive until the 
STOP button is held down and one of the up or down arrow keys is pressed 
at the same time to do the transfer of the data, to or from the 
convertor.  Since the drive weighs maybe 2 pounds, and each button needs 
at least 20 pounds to activate it, I've been holding it with one hand 
while pushing a single button with the other.  And standing 2 steps up 
on a short ladder.  So in order to follow those instructions, I need to 
get it fastened solidly to something that can resist the button pushes.

Even that won't be ideal as the equipment shelf, a 2x4 foot sheet of 3/4" 
plywood, is hanging from the ceiling on heavy duty perforated strapping, 
and a 40 lb push will move the whole maryann several inches. So while 
programming it, I'll have to mount it solidly enough to take the button 
pushes w/o chasing it all over the garage. That I can arrange as the 
cables are long enough I can screw it to the monitor support upright.  
Or I can make them long enough.  All of which takes time, time my back 
won't always allow.

I don't recommend getting old Lester, avoid it if you can, its not fun.

> ... page 57 is the configuration I use except the inputs are pulled up
> to +12V on the breakout board and the OC outputs pull them to 0V. This
> is obviously not ideal as a failure can leave +12V on the 'go' button
> so the final setup has a relay on the go button currently and the plan
> if ever I need to reverse direction or use the other options is to add
> the extra relays.

Take care.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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