On Friday 12 April 2019 15:27:13 Gene Heskett wrote:

> On Friday 12 April 2019 10:57:42 Jon Elson wrote:
> > On 04/12/2019 12:21 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > >   It uses the
> > > phrase "digital operator" which could translate to its own front
> > > panel.
> >
> > Yes, that is the usual term for the plug-in front panel.
> > That panel can be removed once the device is configured.
> Yes, I found a poor pix of it in the booklet, titled "Digital
> Operator".
> > > I assume that config changes are retained over a powerdown as
> > > having to refresh its settings at every power-up is a complete
> > > non-starter to me.
> >
> > Yes, the micro has a flash ROM to store the configs settings.
> >
> > Jon
> I hooked it up like I had the other, but when powered up it displays a
> 4 digit error code. Rapidly blinking. But the only error code table in
> the back of the booklet only shows 2 digit errors with the left
> digit=0.

Turns out the left digit was showing a F and a number that would be the 
frequency IF it was running, which at powerup, it wasn't.

> Unlike the OEM controller, the ground end of the external pot goes to
> a terminal named GND. But the FWD/REV buttons have a different,
> isolated XGRB.

This XGRB is i believe a typu, I have found it called XGND other places 
in the booklet.

[... separete grounds for analog and digutal]

I have done that now. Using 2 cables, but have yet to slip some heat 
shrink over the drain wires used for the analog GND, and the digital 
switches FWD, REV version of XGND. 

I scrounged thru the pile of scraps behind the chop saw and came up with 
some 3/4" ply to  make a mount so its screwed down now.

This "thing" probable has 200 registers that report data, but are skipped 
in the booklets lists.  That alone is making the extra serial output on 
the 7i76 more appetizing, so what do I add to the hm2_pci loadrt line to 
make that port visible to the halmeter or dmesg?

Thanks everybody.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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