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I've done some more checking by putting it into a config where LCNC can 
at least start it, and I've apparently verified it needs a full time 
signal to run as it stops if I disconnect the FWD wire. It doesn't run 
for both FWD and REV=true=.6 volts where 16 volts is false, and it 
doesn't run if I move the fwd signalling wire to th REV terminal. I've 
been carefull to hold the stop and hit the down arrow to make sure its 
sent to the invertor from the "digital operator" anytime I change 
something. Drive is extremely weak below 100HZ, and it coasts to a stop 
at about 62 HZ.  And of course I don't have to worry about hot water at 
those current levels.

This thing ALMOST looks like a Haun Yang, major visual diff is the 
location of the colored buttons for run/stop, being the lower end of the 
left column whereas the Haun Yang is left and right ends of the top row.  
And the Haun Yang uses a different ID scheme(PDnn.nn) than this one 
(P0nn.nn) for its programming registers numbering.  So it's not quite a 
perfect clone...

Anybody with clues, please yelp.  I sent the guy a message, but got an 
instant vacation reply saying he'd be back on the 7th.  I'll send him a 
reply Monday reminding him its now the 15th in the hew hess hay ;-)

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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