> Somebody might want to write this down FFR re the YL620-A vfd's, I've
> found the means to make LCNC's s command set the speed, see page 20,
> P07.08 thru P07.15.  I set all of those 8 registers up from 2 to 3.
> Probably only one is needed, but I played CMA and set them all to 3, and
> the front panel knob is dead but s12000m3 fires it right up.  But it
> still has no low speed current boost, slowly coasting to a stop at 63 hz
> output. Its also quite unstable at speeds below about 6000 revs,
> obviously hunting badly.
> P00.12 is zero, has a range to 4, and has a label "VF Curve Setting", I'd
> assume 0 is off. P00.00 is supposed to be mains frequency, defaults to
> 400 on error, and is an error if set below 150. Ack the booklet, factory
> is 50.00 but a full reset puts it back to 400. ???
> Hi Gene

Preamble, I haven't read this thread in it's entirety, but, have you
searched long and hard for a manual?
I think your time would be better spent searching for deciphering already
done by others, since there must thousands of these devices running


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