Some factory conversions like the US Electricar
have added the shifter from the automatic gearbox version,
as well as the parking pawl that drops into the teeth on
the flywheel IIRC, the rest of the shifter is unused except
for operating a switch that tells the controller whether it
needs to move the vehicle forward or reverse (and it can
activate different regen settings for the different forward 
"gear" selection positions).

For a home conversion - I don't know. Carry a cobblestone to
place in front of the wheel?

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Subject: [EVDL] winter parking brake

I searched but didn't find a similar question.  If one exists and I
missed it
please redirect me.

My question concerns manual transmissions and parking in the winter.  We
don't use a parking brake in the winter here since the pads and shoes
to metal parts.  With no engine compression to hold the vehicle what
others done?

Thank you for replys

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