I drive in a city like Fresco with steep hills.  My EV had a manual 
transmission where I park down hill, I would turn the wheels to the right and 
apply the parking brakes even in temperatures down to 33 below.  
    If I park on a up hill street, I than turn the wheels to the left and apply 
the the parking brakes.  
    In some cases I would not apply the parking brake when my tires are against 
the the street curbs.

    What also helps, is to put the transmission in reversed gear on a down hill 
or in 1st gear in up hill.  In either of these gears, the overall gear ratio is 
over 15:1 or greater which will adds some resistance. 

    The wheel chocks does not work so great, because I had to move the EV off 
the chocks to relieved the pressure and take a chance to retrieved them.

    Another thing that could be done, is a mechanical mechanism to apply a 
locking key into the pilot shaft of motor if it has one. 

    Do not use the brakes so much where it will heat up the pads.  I avoid 
using the brakes when coming to a stop.  This will allow the air to cool the 


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  I searched but didn't find a similar question.  If one exists and I missed it
  please redirect me.

  My question concerns manual transmissions and parking in the winter.  We
  don't use a parking brake in the winter here since the pads and shoes freeze
  to metal parts.  With no engine compression to hold the vehicle what have
  others done?

  Thank you for replys

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