Medium duty trucks used to have drive shaft brakes that could be cobbled
from junkyard parts.

I use the hand brake on all manner of vehicles (yes, sometimes up north in
the winter).  I do not find this to be a problem.  Is this just habit based
on older vehicles?  I seem to remember having to jog some truck other to
get the rear wheels to turn, but I didn't quit using the E brake all
together and the problem was not chronic.

Another alternative is to turn your wheels so thy hit the curb.  You need a
little incline for this.

Or instead of chocks you can swing a 4 foot length of chain around a wheel
so it wraps into the crack fore and aft the contact patch.

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> Some factory conversions like the US Electricar
> have added the shifter from the automatic gearbox version,
> as well as the parking pawl that drops into the teeth on
> the flywheel IIRC, the rest of the shifter is unused except
> for operating a switch that tells the controller whether it
> needs to move the vehicle forward or reverse (and it can
> activate different regen settings for the different forward
> "gear" selection positions).
> For a home conversion - I don't know. Carry a cobblestone to
> place in front of the wheel?
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> I searched but didn't find a similar question.  If one exists and I
> missed it
> please redirect me.
> My question concerns manual transmissions and parking in the winter.  We
> don't use a parking brake in the winter here since the pads and shoes
> freeze
> to metal parts.  With no engine compression to hold the vehicle what
> have
> others done?
> Thank you for replys
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