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> On Jul 28, 2014, at 10:52 PM, Marion Hakanson via EV <> 
> wrote:
> I have a cousin who lives in Italy.  They own a small Fiat van which runs on 
> both methane (compressed) and regular gasoline;  Apparently it costs the 
> equivalent of $20 to fill the methane tank, and about $100 to fill the gas 
> tank (which they'll do if they're in the hinterlands and can't find a methane 
> station).
> If most H2 comes from methane (natural gas), why not just burn the methane 
> directly, instead of converting it multiple times (and losing something at 
> every step), so you can feed it to a fuel cell?

For the same reason there is a ZEV mandate and you want a power plant to burn 
the natural gas and give you electricity to run your battery electric. 


Remember, ZEV stands for zero emission vehicles.

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> Marion
>> On 07/28/14 10:30 PM, Mike Nickerson via EV wrote:
>> I have looked at it in the past.  One thing to look at when someone reports 
>> results of the model:
>> Everything is configurable in the model.  Make sure the assumptions about 
>> generation and usage are well understood (either left to defaults or well 
>> documented).  It is very easy to sway the outcome with changes in 
>> assumptions.
>> In many cases, the changes can be realistic, but they need to be vetted.  
>> For example, running the model for Idaho, the electrical grid is more than 
>> 50% renewable and less than 30% coal.  Those assumptions for New York would 
>> be very wrong.  I believe the defaults are national averages.
>> Mike
>>> On July 28, 2014 7:33:57 PM MDT, Cor van de Water via EV 
>>> <> wrote:
>>> All data I have seen till now shows that emissions go up with the
>>> indroduction of H2, due to the low efficiency well-to-wheels of
>>> creating
>>> H2.
>>> So, it is considered not just a very difficult energy carrier, but also
>>> inefficient, besides being very costly in roll out.
>>> If you have data to the contrary, I am interested in vetting it (since
>>> it is easy to mislead with cherry-picked info). My mind is open, I tend
>>> to decide
>>> based on data. Fan-boy? Not so much.
>>> Got a link for that GREET model?
>>> Cor van de Water
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