EVLN: i3 EV self-parks> driver climbs out of window to prove (video)

% See Romanian pilot/driver Porcisteanu prove the i3 EV parks itself, listen
to the sounds the i3 makes as it self-parks %

(VIDEO) See a BMW i3 park itself 
by Cristian Gnaticov - July 31st, 2014


BMW i3 - (Self) Parking Assist (Guidance) by Vali Porcisteanu (Rally Driver)
porcisteanu Jul 29, 2014 
BMW i3 - (Self) Parking Assist (Guidance) - Awesome!!!
Vali Porcisteanu - Drive Test for La Volan - Digi 24 (Romania)

A new video uploaded on YouTube is showing one of the most interesting
“gadget green” cars out there, the BMW i3, in an attempt to park itself.

Did you ever wonder how the Parking Assistant system of the new BMW i3
actually works? Well, in case you did, than the video posted below is what
you have been looking for because you can check out the “green” city car in
“action”. The electric vehicle can park itself without any operations from
the driver needed thanks to its radar which is scanning big enough parking
spots and when this is finally found, the car is doing everything by itself.

The video posted below is showing the Romanian rally driver, Vali
Porcisteanu, activating the Parking Assistant and then jumping out of the
car through the window, in order to prove that the model is actually parking
itself. As a small reminder, the BMW i3 is taking its power from an electric
motor, with 170 HP (125 kW) and 250 Nm (184 lb-ft) of torque, connected to a
single-speed transmission sending power to the rear wheels. This can be
backed up by [an optional] range extender in the shape of the 650cc
two-cylinder petrol engine, which will add an extra 34 HP.
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Valentin Porcisteanu - a Romanian pilot/driver
Watch a BMW i3 Park Itself
Aug 01, 2014

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