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>>>> expecting the car to plug itself into a wall outlet / cable is asking a
>>>> bit much.
>>> I can easily imagine a robot arm that can reach out, find and connect to 
>>> some
>>> contacts mounted somehow on the front license plate area.
>> That's a lot of moving parts to break, especially considering how many people
>> have trouble not running over things in the garage already. Plus the hazard
>> of people or pets or other things getting caught up in the mechanism.
> This strikes me as a non-problem that keeps getting elevated into something 
> much bigger and more complicated than it needs to be.

I think you're right. What's exciting to me is that two technological advances 
are starting to mature at the same time, and that the two of the together will 
potentially be much more significant than either would be separately.

ICE and EV cars are both equally well suited to autonomous driving, but EV cars 
are _much_ better suited to autonomous recharging than ICE cars are to 
autonomous refueling.

At-home EV recharging is already more than plenty good enough for all but the 
idle super-rich. At-home charging isn't merely a solved problem; it never 
really was a problem in the first place.

On-the-go EV recharging is only a problem when the miles driven in a day are 
greater than the miles the car gets on an overnight charge. Save for road 
trips, the Tesla is already there and others will soon follow as battery prices 
continue to drop. And plugin hybrids such as the Volt and my Mustang project 
also have that problem "well enough" solved; if most people only filled up 
their gas tanks a few times a year rather than a few times a month, many (but 
not all) of our fossil fuel problems would magically go away.

What EVs do at this time when many new cars can already drive themselves in 
limited ways is open up the possibility for fleets of fully autonomous nearly 
maintenance-free magic carpets. _That's_ the exciting bit. How they wind up 
charging themselves isn't something anybody other than the mass market 
manufacturers really need to worry about.

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