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> EVLN: i3 EV self-parks> driver climbs out of window to prove (video)

When cars become fully autonomous a la Google, that'll significantly change 
many dynamics, especially efficiency. I'd expect individual ownership to 
plummet, and instead for car sharing systems to become the norm -- more like 
limousine or taxi services, but driverless. And, in such a system, range 
becomes a moot point; the system automatically dispatches a vehicle with enough 
range for your trip, or it does a pony express thing for longer trips. Earlier 
discussions here about wireless charging would become critical; a car can park 
itself on a wireless charger, but expecting the car to plug itself into a wall 
outlet / cable is asking a bit much.

...all that is a ways into the future, of course. Personally, I'm expecting 
we'll see autonomous long-haul trucks first, and likely within a decade; the 
economics of such a system would be overwhelming. Now's a great time for 
teamsters to plan for a career change....

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