> ...then no one should be driving at ALL.
> Even an EV derives it's power from fossil sources in one way or another.

Whoaa, that is simply not true (though the right wing media would like us
to believe it).

Studies have shown that at least HALF of all people who purchase an EV
either have solar or buy their electricity from 100% clean renewable
providers such as solar or wind.  And most of those that don't have that
option say they WOULD if their local power company offered it.

It is no coincidence that most of those people who buy EV's are also the
motivated people who buy 100% clean renewable energy if they can.

My EV is 100% free of fossil fuel (we have total solar at our house).  We
have reduced our fossil fuel energy consumption from over 3000 gallons
equivalent per year down to 300.  That is a 10-to-1 reduction.  That last
300 gallons per year is for the Prius that we keep for trips beyond
routine EV range.  See a plot of how we went from 3000 gal to 300 in just
the last few years (about 50% down this page:)


And the amazing thing is that switching to solar and EV's is CHEAPER than
just continuing to burn coal and oil to oblivion.  This weekend, I just
added another 3 kW array to my house for a total of 14 kW (and another 3
kW in the driveway awaiting non-honey-do time).  Cost of this last 3kW
(DIY) is on the order of 90 cents a watt or about $2700 including the
inverter.  And will generate  about $500 a year in return.  That is a 26%
return on investment per year for the rest of my life....  Compare 26% ROI
to savings at 1% or the stock market at 6%.  And this 26% "ROI" will
actually go UP every time the cost of energy goes up.... It makes no sense
not to invest in solar if you have sun!

PS, most people will not need an array this big.  My house is 90+ years
old, and consumes probably twice what an average modern house consumes, so
most people would not need more than about a 10kw array.

Not bragging, just showing that it can be done, and is cheaper in the long
run than doing nothing.

The things that are certain in live are  Death, Taxes and Utilities.  The
one thing you can't solve is death, but you can sure reduce your taxes by
30% and eliminate utilities for the rest of your life by going solar!

Bob, Wb4aPR
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