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> Actually, in the big picture it is true - EVs consume fossil fuels.  Even if 
> all the power to operate them comes from solar, please consider:
> - energy to design and manufacture the vehicle,
> - energy and materials to provide charging infrastruture (i.e. your solar 
> panels)
> - energy and materials for roads
> - energy wasted indirectly as a result of traffic congestion.
> All said, EVs are fantastic but there's no question that the best way to use 
> less energy, including fossil fuels, is to *not* drive!

Well, if we're going to go that route, the #1 thing people do that increases 
their carbon footprint is to have children.

Waving a magic wand and swapping all passenger vehicles with electric 
equivalents would basically solve today's fossil fuel crisis at both ends -- 
production and pollution. We'd still use substantial fossil fuels in 
agribusiness and plastics and the like, but the excess capacity from not having 
to fuel passenger vehicles would greatly extend the lifetime of existing 
reserves and dramatically reduce pollution.

If the magic wand also made all the electricity for those vehicles come from 
solar power, the effect would again be greatly magnified, and it would leave us 
in the perfect position to stop mining hydrocarbon feedstocks and start 
producing them from atmospheric CO2. At that point, we'd basically be home free.

Complaining that EVs still consume fossil fuels is the archetypal example of 
making the perfect the enemy of the good. EVs use so little fossil fuels 
compared to ICE vehicles that EVs might as well not use any at all in 

...though, regardless, we still would be much better off with a much, much, 
much smaller population....

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