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> I track our cars' power usage and our grid-intertie solar power generation, 
> and we generate, on an annual average, seventeen times as much as our two 
> cars use. So we're only using hydrocarbons in so far as everything's 
> fungible, and thirty-four other cars are using our solar power.

As another data point...I haven't run the numbers in detail for a while, but my 
solar roof generates about half as much electricity as I use -- intentionally 
oversized to power an EV. I don't yet have an EV, but I don't drive all that 
much...about 5 gallons / week on average (which, granted, works out to about a 
kilowatt using NIST GGE). And baseload power here comes from nuclear...despite 
its other problems, it doesn't (directly) consume fossil fuels nor produce 
atmospheric CO2. Even without the EV, I'm already well ahead of the carbon 

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