>> Studies have shown that at least HALF of all people who purchase an EV
>> either have solar or buy their electricity from 100% clean renewable
>> providers such as solar or wind.

> As sales move from early adopters to the more general population,
> ... unless PV sales start outstripping auto sales,  these numbers will

I don't think so.  Solar is already outstripping EV sales.  The annual
growth in solar currently exceeds the growth in EV's and I cannot imagine
any reason why this would not continue.

Solar is a WINNER no matter how one looks at it.  There is no downside.
EV's on the other hand are not for every purpose nor for every
application.  SO most people can invest in solar, but not everyone can get
maximum benefit from an EV.    Of course LOTS of folks cannot invest in
solar (they have too much shade) but they can sign up for solar from their
power company.  Other restricitons on solar (do not own the home)
similarly affect the purchase of EV's (no place to plug in).  SO I think
those negative factors cancel.

Bob, WB4aPR
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