I seem to remember a GM presentation by their head of devt in Palo Alto
where the conclusion was that the ELR essentially was getting the Volt
drivetrain with a few tweaks to make it slightly more efficient or a
slight capacity increase by electronics or SW improvement - no change to
the battery pack design itself IIRC, so that the slightly heavier and
larger (frontal area) ELR did not have much shorter range than the Volt.
But it was confirmed that it was slightly less. Power might be slightly
higher from the tweaks, but no significant changes from Volt to ELR that
I am aware of.

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Ben;s comments (below) are along the lines I was attempting to convey.
the full-size (puffy) truck or suv vehicle its self is what the buyer
and that the pih model would be close to the same size and passenger
(only trimming down the length and width to fit and maneuver into
USA parking spaces), but using a pih drive train. 

The Volt pih drive train comes to mind, and in one of the links I
in my original post Lutz sez the Volt should have been a truck (well
he was promoting VIA as that is now the company he is part of). 

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't the Cadillac pih (aka elr) drivetrain
more powerful than the Volt's. If so, perhaps  a crew-cab Chevy Colorado
with a Cadillac pih drivetrain would be a first pass design approach to
pih truck that would be of the size and capability interest to truck
that do not have a high cargo or towing demand need from their vehicle
of a people and some items transporter, than a heavy-duty construction


On Mon, Sep 15, 2014, at 06:48 AM, Ben Goren via EV wrote: ...
> If a "puffy" SUV or truck were outfitted with something analogous to
> Volt's drivetrain but appropriately "up-sized," even with the same
> battery pack, at worst it'd still have a ~20 mile all-electric range.
> a marketing bonus, that electric motor will have lots of low-end
> and that metric is the one the marketing departments love to use for
> these vehicles. For many, that would make it a pure BEV for 80% of
> Even those putting an hundred miles a day on the vehicle would still
> driving 20% of their miles electrically...and that's the equivalent of
> turning one out of five "puffy" vehicles purely electric.

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