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> I mean 8 Amps at around 400V is not an EV power level, it is actually rather
> underwhelming - I wonder why Tesla with a profile of high-power application
> is releasing such a low power spec.

A "nominal" 5.8A @ 400V is comparable to a 20A load on a 110V line, in line 
with a typical single home circuit. You can put up to nine of them in a single 
unit, with up to a 30kW combined peak load. That's pretty well in line with 
typical household circuitry and usage.

They're selling them less as whole-home backup or off-grid batteries and more 
as arbitrage devices. Fill the batteries at off-peak hours, drain them during 
on-peak hours and only feed from the grid during on-peak when the batteries are 
empty. I've heard payback figures bandied about in the three-year range, making 
them the equivalent of a 25% annual return on investment -- simply phenomenal. 
If true, if you've got the capital to invest in them, you'd be an idiot to not 
buy them.

...if true....

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